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Fertility Support in Marietta

Woman receiving forms from staffYour brain controls every system, organ and cell of your body—including the reproductive organs and hormones responsible for conception. Stress or tension in the nervous system can interfere with the normal communication between your brain and body, making it difficult or impossible to get pregnant.

Neurologically based chiropractic care, such as that offered at Vitality Family Chiropractic, locates areas of stress in the nervous system and helps to alleviate it through gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments. When the nervous system is free of interference, your body’s innate inner intelligence can take over and restore optimal function to other body systems, including the reproductive system.

Our Approach to Helping You

We start with a consultation to discuss your overall health and how long you’ve been trying to get pregnant. Then we’ll conduct a series of nervous system scans using state-of-the-art INSiGHT® scanning technology to locate areas of tension in your spine and nervous system.
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Based on these scans, Dr. Katheryne will customize a care plan to help restore optimal alignment to your spine and alleviate the stress in your nervous system. In addition, we’ll discuss things like nutrition and possible nutritional deficiencies. If Dr. Katheryne suspects nutrition may be a contributing factor, she may recommend you get functional testing to identify any deficiencies.

Happy Outcomes

If nervous system interference is the cause of your fertility issues, then removing that interference may give your body what it needs to conceive. We recently began caring for a woman who had been trying unsuccessfully for over a year. She was interested in a natural, holistic approach rather than the traditional medical approach, and she came to us.

After locating areas of stress in her nervous system, Dr. Katheryne designed a care plan to restore optimal function. Within a few adjustments, the practice member was pregnant and is expecting her first child in December.

We’re Here for You

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