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Meet Dr. Andrea Guarin

dr-headshotDr. Andrea Guarin is a chiropractor who is passionate about perinatal care, family wellness, and orthopedics. She is eager to help the Marietta and Suwanee communities achieve true wellness.

Dr. Andrea is from Fort Lee, New Jersey and comes from a Colombian background. She always knew she wanted to be in a profession that served people as she experienced the healthcare system firsthand with her mother who suffers from multiple health conditions. She always felt as if there was a missing piece of the puzzle, and that traditional healthcare was only putting a Band-Aid over her mother’s health. She discovered that missing piece in chiropractic when she witnessed how proper chiropractic care could truly get to the root cause of so many conditions. Inspired by chiropractic’s ability to help a person achieve wellness, she moved down to Georgia to pursue her chiropractic degree.

Dr. Andrea met Dr. Katheryne during her clinical year at Life University and continued to train under her as a student intern at Vitality Family Chiropractic. She trained extensively in pediatric and family care as well as chiropractic orthopedics. Dr. Andrea is a compassionate person with a love for working out, music, and cooking. Her open-minded and driven approach to life translates into her abilities as a chiropractor by offering the most informed and up-to-date care possible for her patients. Her deep passion to serve underrepresented communities and to bring holistic care to people of all ages make Dr. Andrea a great addition to the VFC team.



B.S. Biology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University, Marietta, GA


Activator Technique – Basic Protocol


International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA)
Pediatric Experience (PX)



Dr. Andrea Guarin | (678) 819-2556